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Do you have a passion? | Chapter 4

For the longest time, I thought I never really had a ‘passion.’

I have a lot of things in life I love to do… but is that really a passion? In my career, I knew I loved the field of marketing but I never felt it was my true passion. What is the one thing that drives you, that pushes you intellectually, that fulfills you emotionally?

While I was in Mexico, I realized the aspect of marketing that is my true passion – the act of marketing in which you create something meaningful and beautiful and present it to another human. The strategic component, the research, and the analytics stimulates me intellectually.

When the end result is impactful, it's the same feeling as serving an ace in the third set of a tennis match or sliding into home base in the bottom of the 9th.

Creatively, I put whole heart and soul into concept and design - it’s the same reason I love writing… it’s such a personal process albeit laborious. And the most emotionally fulfilling part is the ‘act of giving’.

Delivering the final product feels the same as presenting a thoughtful, handmade gift.

For example, the first full project I took on for Johnny Vacay was creating the new website. I put all of my creative, emotional and intellectual energy into creating something beautiful, functional, and impactful. I will always be my harshest critic and still have so much more to learn, and am so excited to improve on it. But the best part was seeing John’s pure reaction to the final product.

The digital marketing realm is ever-changing which is one of the reasons I love learning more about it. The psychology of e-commerce, SEO, and analyzing online trends is fascinating to me, and I love expanding my skills in my field excited to continue my eduction in the ever-changing digital marketing realm.

If anyone has suggestions on educational resources for SEO/web design/ e-commerce/ anything digital marketing, let me know! There’s a million platforms and online courses out there so I’m always interested to know if anyone has a favorite!

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