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At Johnny Vacay we’re about kicking back and embracing the simple joys. We believe in the magic of unplugging – it’s like hitting the refresh button for your soul. Our vibe? Think old-school charm and patina meets modern wanderlust. We’ve found that stepping away from the digital noise can spark real growth and change. Our focus is on embracing the simple pleasures, like the warmth of a sunbeam on your face or the crackle of a campfire under the stars.


At the heart of our brand is a commitment to capturing the essence of travel, escapism, and nostalgia, effortlessly weaving it into the fabric of your everyday reality. Through our carefully curated design and lifestyle products, we seek to evoke these emotions by bringing a slice of that dreamy magic into your world.


Whether it’s savoring street tacos on a bustling Mexican corner or cruising along familiar shores in your cherished Beach Ride, we’re here to facilitate those precious connections to moments of pure bliss. At Johnny Vacay, our goal is to guide you back to that ineffable feeling. 


Real Places, Real People. Real Life.

Our Story

Founder John Annetti, is a self-proclaimed cubical dodger, island aficionado, real world escapist, and most importantly, photographer. His intense passion for photography, yearning for adventure, and relentless resistance to the 9-5 grind fueled the fire that became Johnny Vacay.  All designs are created from Johnny's original photographs.

Co-founder and Wife, Whitney Hubbell, has contributed behind-the-scenes since the brands conception (in addition to contributing its namesake!) She is also the co-author and designer of Johnny's Vacay top selling product, Beach Rides. Whitney's lifelong passion for writing began after publishing her first poem at age ten. Before a successful career in marketing, Whitney's entrepreneurial spirit led her to a partnership in a magazine startup where she was the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. During the midst of the pandemic in 2020, she left the corporate world to follow her dream, becoming a full-time partner of Johnny Vacay. 

We are two entrepreneurs who decided to live life differently. We hope we can inspire others to travel, learn, grow, and connect. 


Nantucket 2017

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