Our Mission

We believe that traveling the world and exploring the unknown inspires growth and change. We aspire to capture the essence of travel and share it with you, our friends, through design and apparel. 


Our goal is to put a smile on your face when you open your dresser drawer and find a Johnny Vacay tee – the stress of your daily life vanishes and you are brought back to a time you felt carefree and alive.

Whether it’s as simple as eating street tacos in Mexico or relaxing under the shade of a palm tree – our goal is to help you get back to that feeling.  

transport back to your

everytime you put a Johnny Vacay shirt over your head

most beloved memory


all designs are created from original photographs

Real Places, Real Moments. Real Life.

Our Story

Founder John Annetti, is a self-proclaimed cubical dodger, island aficionado, real world escapist, and most importantly, photographer. His intense passion for photography, yearning for adventure, and relentless resistance to the 9-5 grind fueled the fire that became Johnny Vacay.  All designs are created from Johnny's original photographs.

Fiancé Whitney Hubbell, has contributed behind the scenes for the past five years (in addition to contributing the brand's namesake!) She recently transitioned from corporate life to head of marketing for JV. 

We are two entrepreneurs who decided to live life differently. We hope we can inspire others to travel, learn, grow, and connect. 

Nantucket 2017

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experience the world

Seek beauty in the unkown

Our Commitment

Our way of life stems from the desire to expand our mindset, change perspectives, and make meaningful connections with other human beings. We aim to inspire others to experience the world, discover nature, and give back.


We strive bring a piece of happiness anywhere we go. 


The places and people we connect with mean so much to us. We are committed to finding unique ways to help those in need. Whether it’s buying surfboards for local youth, sponsoring a family affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, donating supplies to local shelters, we promise to support the beautiful people and communities who graciously welcomed us into their home.