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Tips & Information

currency exchange


Bank ATMs:

Using an ATM machine inside of a bank is the best way to get Pesos, and you will get the best exchange rate. 

There is one bank in Sayulita, Intercam. It is located as you enter Sayulita from the new boulevard on the right side of called Revolucion.


You may want to pull out some USD before leaving the U.S. which will serve as your emergency stash.


Make sure you have it secured and hidden throughout your travels. 

Money Exchange Windows:

You can exchange US dollars at the money exchange windows in Sayulita. The rate is not quite as favorable, but they do not charge a fee and you will get a better rate than exchanging money at the airport.

If you're looking for convenience, this may be your best option for exchanging money since the bank is located on the outskirts of town.


Do NOT exchange money in the airport, it's a high exchange rate and they charge a fee. 

methods of payment


Credit Card: 

Most shops and restaurants take credit cards, which makes sense for bigger purchases. Make sure to check your international fee with your credit card company.


The exchange rate is very good, make sure to check periodically as it changes over time. 

*Pack or buy a local pouch/change purse as most Mexican Pesos are coins.

US Dollars:

Some establishments take USD. Locals and other vendors also accept USD for tips.  


Pack or locally buy a pouch/change purse since most Mexican Pesos are coins.



Health Insurance:

Some US health care plans provide health coverage in Mexico, but it is typically limited, so ask your health care provider what is covered before you travel. If your travel to Mexico is not covered by your medical plan, you may want to buy insurance separately.


However, health care is pretty affordable. Because Mexico does not have any reciprocal health care arrangements with any other country, all treatment you receive must be paid in full.

Local Health Care:

1. Punta Mita Hospital 

2. Sayulita Health Clinic

3. Doctors available on call:

  • Dr. Chávez    +52 322 109 4179

  • Dr. Francisco Rivera  +52 322 103 3878

Drinking Water:

It's best not to drink the water in Mexico. Bottled drinking water is available everywhere, and restaurants only use ice made from purified water... so there is no reason not to order one more margarita!

See below for COVID-19 information

Palm Trees


Mexico Travel Requirements:

Mexico does not have any requirements for entry/exit other than a passport that is valid for at least six months from your travel date. 


U.S. Travel Requirements:

The US requires all passengers entering the US to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within three calendar days of departure.

Antigen and PCR tests are accepted.


Be sure to check for the most up-to-date information. 

COVID 19 Testing:

We will help you organize COVID testing for your re-entry into the US. 


1. Sayulita Covid Testing Center

2.  Covid Express Sayulita


3. Sayulita Health Clinic


Sayulita has a high safety rating:

  • Small family-oriented village

  • Far from USA/Mexico border drug cartel activity

  • 24-hour police patrols

  • Majority of streets are well-lit

  • Exceptional local/foreigner property-owner relationships

  • Location: Only one road in and out of town

  • Neighborhood Watch program

  • Strong sense of Community and Local Family

  • Recently developed community with little criminal history

Take precaution and use common sense while visiting. Don't travel with unnecessary valuables. Use provided safes in your vacation rental home. Close and lock all windows and doors when going out. Do not leave any valuables visible in parked cars.

The local police force in Sayulita is on 24-hour patrol of the town and surrounding area; these tourist police (policia turistica) keep streets and beaches safe at night and enforce laws.


The Sayulita area has recently implemented 911, so you can call 911 in an emergency. 

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