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"Beach Rides: Time Machines for Modern Day Escapists" (2021) 

by Whitney Hubbell; Photography by John Annetti


Venture into the idyllic realms of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard from behind the wheel of 21 vintage vehicles. From iconic Wagoneers to legendary Defenders, this nostalgic odyssey offers a rare window into these  tightly-knit communities, unearthing stories interwoven with heritage, camaraderie, and picturesque landscapes.


Join us and savor every turn of the page as you embark on this nostalgic voyage through time and space.


Enjoy the Ride.


Beach Rides | Wholesale Books

    • Hardcover
    • Embossed Title 
    • Soft-Touch Cover
    • Premium Glossy Pages
    • 10 x 1.5 x 11.5 inches 
    • 256 pages
  • Shipping cost included in price.


    Minimum Quantity:

    5 books

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