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4th of July - Aspen, Colorado

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

For me, the 4th usually consists of sailing, the beach and a sunset bonfire. This year was the complete opposite but just as amazing. We swapped sailing for parade floats, beaches for rivers and sunset bonfires for sunset mountain pass drives.

The day started out with the age old Aspen Parade. Mortorcycles, Horses, vintage cars, fire trucks and more meander through the historic western streets lined with spectators. Children scramble for candy as adults sip cold beer in their lawn chairs.

The day ended with one of my favorite drives up Independence pass to the continental divide. The golden hour sun twinkled up the valley and onto the 12,000 foot mountain tops. With the windows open you could hear the Roaring Fork River rushing with mountain runoff.

If you've never been to Aspen in the summer make sure to put it on the top of your travel list. You will be blown away, I promise!

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